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What’s New at Banyan Printing?

At Banyan Printing, we now offer variable printing for direct one-to-one image personalization.  By using your recipient’s name or other customized information in your direct mail campaigns,  you buy a few extra seconds of attention to your message—time crucial to creating interest and increased response.

The technology allows for mass customization of printed or emailed communications.  Instead of producing 50,000 copies, for example, of a single document with one message to 50,000 people, variable data printing can produce 50,000 unique documents with customized messages for each customer.

Return on investment for variable print jobs can in some instances double response rates, with reports of response increasing 10 times or more depending on the amount of customization, product or service, offer and market.

Call Banyan Printing today and see if our variable printing service is right for your product or service.  561.586.6220.